New Born Portraits

 New born portraits are simply a delight to shoot. This very session helped me to understand a lot about how powerful colors are & how colors can make any image look attractive. The only thing that was in my mind while making these portraits were "Now that her adorable activities are being documented - she will have all these precious memories to cherish when she grows up and her parents can always look back and remember how cute she was at that time".  So here are some of the pictures I made with a lot of excitement...! 

Craftsmanship Expressed

     In the recent times I had the opportunity to shoot for these beautiful brands CHURPS & TANIGA.  I was simply overwhelmed with their unique threading and their extraordinary choice of fabrics that created such vibrant looks. The minute i saw their piece of fabric i started to visualize frames in my mind. We choose to shoot most of it during the evening with yellow sun light, in plain empty roads.

Accessories embellish a woman from head to foot. These accessories from TANIGA turned out to be delight for me to present my pictures.

Here it is..  


Wardrobe : CHURPS

Accessories : TANIGA

The Warrior Within

   Personally i'm a fan of the movie "300" and these series of portraits are inspired from the same. With my trainer's suggestion and my model's co operation i ended up making these dramatic portraits. So yaaaaaay...! A little bit of tonal correction here and there helped me to achieve the look but not of the replica of it. Thanks to the reds and blacks within the frame for making it look really deep & dramatic. Mr.Saravana Bharathi , my workout buddy went through a lot at-least for 9 months by following constant workout routine and diet plan in order to achieve this physique. Kudus to him. Thanks to Greek God Fitness, Chennai for being really kind with me by providing the location. So here's the warrior within.....

   I couldn't stop clicking some fitness portraits in the gym after making it dark. So here they are 

 The next day closer to the sunset we made some outdoor portraits in the suburbs.. 

Frames & inbetween

Find herewith some photographs among the most-liked weddings i have shot across. I find the connection between the "bride to be" & the "cars" quite interesting. There is quite a lot of drama in each and every image which makes me share with everyone. Regardless of the different lenses i tried, i was able to feel several emotions such as excitement, fun, fear, chills, hope, curiosity, happiness, stress, anxiety & confusion. 

The Recent Engagement Celebration

Engagement - Candid - Photography 

Was quite interesting to make pictures at Rina's Venue, the place itself is delight. Couldn't stop mentioning about the decors. They did a wonderful job. Excitement and fun are the two words that came across my mind while shooting this elegant engagement ceremony. 

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