The Warrior Within

   Personally i'm a fan of the movie "300" and these series of portraits are inspired from the same. With my trainer's suggestion and my model's co operation i ended up making these dramatic portraits. So yaaaaaay...! A little bit of tonal correction here and there helped me to achieve the look but not of the replica of it. Thanks to the reds and blacks within the frame for making it look really deep & dramatic. Mr.Saravana Bharathi , my workout buddy went through a lot at-least for 9 months by following constant workout routine and diet plan in order to achieve this physique. Kudus to him. Thanks to Greek God Fitness, Chennai for being really kind with me by providing the location. So here's the warrior within.....

   I couldn't stop clicking some fitness portraits in the gym after making it dark. So here they are 

 The next day closer to the sunset we made some outdoor portraits in the suburbs..